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You want long-term love that feels natural, sexy, and nourishing.
So, why is dating so hard?

Many women feel overwhelmed or frustrated by dating. They panic date, desperate date, or date half-heartedly, giving up and surrendering their power to luck. Or they feel so terrified they never date at all.

Good love isn’t about luck. It’s about two incredible people taking the time to get to know each other and easing into lasting love.

You only need one guy — one spectacular and extraordinary human who feels perfect for you.

So, why hasn’t he come into your life yet?

Coaching helps identify what is holding you back from heart-opening love, how to date using a method that works, how to patiently wait and learn to have fun being you out in the world (the true secret to it all), and how to work through all the anxiety and fears that dating and relationships can bring up. I will be by your side as you take the biggest, bravest step you’ve ever taken in your life — choosing to share your life with a committed and loving partner.

Your life is about to get so much better.

Anne Marie Polich

What you will learn

Are you ready to embrace what love has to offer?

One Session

One laser-focused 60-minute coaching session to help you address any dating or relationship concerns. If you need a dating jump start or just a relationship check-in.


Tailored Dating
Profile Service
One 60-minute coaching session plus one additional email exchange, to create your unique, stand out (unlike any others) dating profile. Attract quality masculine energy men that you actually want to spend time with. Be pursued by men who really want to get to know you and who are ready to commit to you. Most dating profiles are dishonest, strange, or boring. Yours will be interesting, will reflect who you are and what you are looking for in a relationship, and make it easy for high-value men to reach out to you.
$200 Dating Profile Bumble only
$250 Dating Profile Bumble Plus other dating apps
Dating and Relationship Deep Dive
Dating and Relationship Deep Dive

$700/Four Sessions ($175/each) – 60-minutes each, weekly or biweekly

$1200/Eight Sessions ($150/each)  – 60-minutes each, weekly or biweekly

Packages include powerful, dynamic email/text coaching in between sessions.

I’ll be by your side as you navigate the entire dating process or nurture a fledgling relationship.

Appreciation from a Client

David and I are engaged! I’m feeling peaceful and grateful. So much healing had to take place to get here. I am amazed at the power of love. To celebrate our 1-year anniversary, we took a weekend trip.

I brought along the book, The Velveteen Rabbit, as David had never read it before, and it’s one of my favorites. He read it to me on Friday night, our anniversary. After he finished I said, ‘I’m not afraid anymore.’ He said, ‘not afraid of what.’ I said, ‘of marriage.’ He immediately got down on one knee and asked, ‘Sue sweetheart, will you marry me?’ and I said Yes!

The last few days I’ve felt so peaceful, deeply grateful and calm. David feels giddy. 

This journey would not be happening without you. I needed (will still need) expert heart-guidance, which you so graciously share. THANK YOU will never be enough but thank you.