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Dating/Relationship Coaching

Dating/Relationship Coaching — Single Session

I feel delighted that you’ve chosen to honor your dreams and follow your heart!

Thank you for signing up for a coaching session with me.

All sessions will take place on Zoom or phone. A recording will be provided if the call is on Zoom. I’ll send you a Zoom link prior. If you prefer talking on the phone, I will call you at your scheduled time.

Re-scheduling or cancelling appointments is fine. Please give me 24-hour notice.

One single session does not include unlimited email support. Email support comes with the one- and two-month coaching packages.

My main coaching tool is questioning. My intention and role as a coach is to help you find your own answers, discoveries and realizations. It is not to tell you what to do. You enter into this agreement with the full understanding that you are responsible for the actions you take and the results you create.

Coaching is not a replacement for licensed mental health counseling, though it is a wonderful addition to these health care practices.

Please come to your coaching session with an idea of what you want to discuss and with your questions so that we can dive right in. Sometimes the most powerful sessions happen when you don’t feel ‘in the mood’ for coaching. Sometimes when the process begins to create change our defenses go up, and we feel resistance. Know these moments are natural, and a slow and steady approach achieves the best results.

Let me know if you want something from me as your coach, or if you want something to change in the coaching relationship. Should you have any concern with the way we are working, let me know right away. I will challenge your thinking and perceptions and I trust you will tell me if I go too far or ask you to do something that does not serve you.

For our work together to be effective, trust, honesty, and openness between us is paramount.

Anything you share with me is confidential. I will not disclose information you share with me during our sessions together unless mandated by law.


Price: $175.00
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