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Coaching is for you if you are a successful woman and you are pretty happy in every area of your life except love. You have a great career, great friendships, you travel and enjoy life but…it’s not enough. You want to share your life with someone. Admitting that you yearn for an intimate partner—that is the first step in allowing him in.

There is a smarter and simpler way to date – I’ve helped women from 45-75 experience great love. Coaching will stretch you out of your comfort zone and toward your future in important ways. You will learn to feel confident while dating and stop resisting and fearing love and connection.

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Appreciation from a Client

I finally walked away from one more situation with a bruised heart. Marriage and commitment seemed to elude me...I had gotten to a place where I knew I could not go any further alone.

I am now, for the first time in my life, in an exclusive relationship with a man who treats me like a queen. I feel spoiled, cared for, protected, and loved. Being with a high-quality, consistent, loving, masculine man is changing my life in so many ways. It is deeply healing.

Coaching with Anne Marie is about more than finding a beautiful relationship with a quality man. It is about learning to love myself in ways that heal and sustain me. Thank you, Anne Marie, from the bottom of my heart."
~ Helen