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Dating in midlife or later life can feel desperate and confusing,
or it can feel exciting and promising.

Which way would you rather feel?

A little bit about me…

I am a confidante, a guide, an elder, and an experienced coach. I’ve experienced all sorts of relationships—from vital to dysfunctional. My first marriage disappointingly ended in divorce, and I experienced profound grief after the death of my 2nd husband in 2013. I have two grown daughters and I’ve ‘grand-parented’ a number of children — from biological grandchildren to step-grandchildren.

Like you, I’ve lived through the ups and downs of relationships and the losses. Some I left, others left me. And I’ve learned through life experience, being coached myself, and years of study — including three relationship coaching certifications.

I believe in the power of coaching to
transform lives from the inside out.

anne marie

I know what it feels like to be alone and longing for a partner while also being fiercely independent, successful, and brave. I know how it feels to be married and blissfully happy, and also at times struggling in a relationship that I’ve outgrown.

I also know what it feels like to be sick and tired of endless dates and to have relationships, initially full of possibility, dissolve into nothing.

I know how it feels to experience rupture and repair with those I love. When both parties are willing, repair happens and relationships go from barely tolerable to extremely fulfilling!

I’ve chosen to downsize my life, to live simply just outside of Boulder in the beauty of Colorado. I live in a small town where I lead a quiet life with my chosen partner. In many ways, this is the most rewarding relationship of my life. He’s a man who loves and leads with his whole heart.

I spend my days doing fulfilling work with a limited number of clients. I prefer to work closely with a few individuals, devoting my focus to their relationship desires and dreams and their unique love stories. I’ve helped clients of all ages and orientations experience love, but I specialize in working with women in middle age or in their later years discover the best love they’ve ever had.

I can’t bear the thought that there are amazing women out there who are compassionate, smart, and willing to be loved — and they are without the partner of their dreams.

If you are stuck in frustration and fear, feeling skeptical and disillusioned, I’m here to help.
I know what it is like to feel hopeless in love. I’m genius at drilling down to the essentials —
what’s getting in your way and what’s holding you back.

Let’s work as a team to get you in a spacious place that allows love to find you!

Let’s work as a team to get you in a spacious place that allows love to find you!